'We are jumping for joy!' Wildflower Seed Card

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All Seedlings greeting cards have a PLANTABLE seed paper envelope which is embedded with non-invasive wildflower seeds. This seed paper is made of a biodegradable eco-paper created with post-consumer materials - no trees harmed for this paper! When planted, the envelopes compost away leaving only flowers behind.

Blank inside, these cards are printed on premium paper and are all accented with foil details.

Card size: 4.25" x 5.5" Env: 4.3125" x 5.75" (A2)

All Seedlings cards are made in the U.S.A. 

About Seedlings
Hey there — we’re Seedlings - the new sprouts on the block and you're gonna dig our greeting cards with PLANTABLE ENVELOPES! Are we quirky? Yes. Are we funny? Well we successfully make ourselves laugh. Do we take too many pictures of our office pup, Ruby? Definitely. All in all, we're just a couple twenty-somethings with a few friends, who believe that the world is still filled with paper nerds like us. Nerds that think snail mail is best mail and that paper is here to stay.