Shower Steamers - Eucalyptus

Shower Steamers - Eucalyptus

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Transform your shower into an aromatic spa experience with minty, fresh Eucalyptus, and Peppermint essential oil. These breathe shower steamers help to provide relief from coughs and stuffy noses so you can breathe easy!

~ 1 box contains 4 shower steamers
~ Each shower steamer tablet lasts approximately 2 showers

Directions: Get your shower steamy. Place the shower steamer on your shower floor where small amounts can touch the product to release the relaxing aromas.

A Manitou favorite! High concentration of essential oils are contained in this product and is not recommended for skin use. For shower use only.

Tips to make your shower steamer last longer: 
~ Turn your exhaust fan off
~ Sprinkle a few drops of water onto the shower steamer to activate it, then place your shower steamer in the corner of your shower.

Dimensions: 1.5" l x 1.5" w x 1" h

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