Thorne Naturals - Plant-Dyed Sleep Masks (Variety of Colors)

Thorne Naturals - Plant-Dyed Sleep Masks (Variety of Colors)

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Beautiful, hand made and hand-dyed sleep masks. Dyed locally in Cincinnati using plants!

- 100% silk
- Perfect for keeping that morning light out
- Helps prevent wrinkles and dark circles
- Every item is one of a kind, handmade with plant based dyes on natural fibers.


About Thorne Naturals
Plant Dyed. Thorne is a one woman show located in Cincinnati, Ohio, however, the processes came from thousands of years of work study by women from various cultures who discovered and perfected the arts of natural dyeing. Their specialty is silk but they also use bamboo and cotton and can dye any natural fiber, which are biodegradable and avoid the microplastics that pollute our planet and bodies. 

Their dyes are nature based, low impact, and used in small batches. These practices help to directly reduce individual impacts on the planet by consumers. As a brand, they are constantly looking to increase our sustainability efforts and how to further help the planet grow as we do.