Lucca - Ohio Patterned / Alder-Wood Coaster Set of 5 (Made in Cincinnati)

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Decorate your home sustainably and beautifully with these functional coasters! Set of 5 Coasters. Custom Cut Box.

  • 1/4" Alder Wood. 3.5"
  • Water Resistant
  • Wipe Dry After Use.

About Lucca
Lucca is a gift store and laser studio located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati Ohio in Findlay Market. Split between retail store and wood shop, all of Lucca’s items are designed or sourced right in their machine shop. Lindsey Schweitzer was raised in her father’s machine shop and learned the trade of machining and woodworking. Although Lindsey was machining industrial parts, she learned the trade and applied her skill of drawing to the art of laser design - creating her own niche brand of wood, marble and paper products.