Kandiga Bolga Basket (Medium w/ Black Handle)

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These bolga baskets are handmade in farming villages in the Bolgatanga region of northern Ghana, and are perhaps the best known of all African baskets. They are woven from durable elephant grass. Each purchase helps provide the farmers and weavers in the region with a sustainable way of living. 

  • Size: 13"W x 13"T (Sizes are approximate and will vary with each basket made)
  • Made in Ghana
  • Weight: 2 lb (0.9 kg)

About Heddle + Lamm
At Heddle & Lamm we bring our designs to life by partnering with master artisans in Ghana, Mexico, Morocco and India. We intermix our contemporary style with time-honored techniques passed down from generation to generation in order to share that artistry and tradition with you. We believe in small-scale production, fair wages, and keeping traditional craft and artistry alive.