Baqette - The Halfie (in multiple colors)

Baqette - The Halfie (in multiple colors)

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The Halfie got its name by being half one thing & half another. BAQETTE aims to create meaningful leather pieces that add value to your life. Because most of the leather used is up-cycled, limited quantities and color varieties are available.

measures 14" across and 10" deep

Use it as a computer case, a makeup bag, a book bag, a cooking utensil bag, a sleepover bag, a travel bag, or a piece of art displayed on the tabletop.

About BAQETTE - BAQETTE got started in early 2012 by Quinn Mcilhargey-Nicholson. Quinn started playing with the potential of leather scraps from her Uncle’s Furniture company, Cumberland Furniture, and realized the opportunities at her fingertips. BAQETTE officially launched in 2017 as a side hustle and kept evolving until finally taking the leap to lean into the business full-time at the end of 2020. Although Baqette was imagined in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they nowreside in the queen city, Cincinnati.

The name BAQETTE (BA-K-ETTE) was inspired by a baguette and the little bags we make.