Dried Mini Floral Bouquets by Eve Floral Co.

Dried Mini Floral Bouquets by Eve Floral Co.

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The most perfect mini-dried wrapped bouquet handmade by Eve Floral Co. Each bouquet has a beautiful selection of dried flowers in a creamy, neutral color palette hand-tied with ribbon, tissue + kraft paper combo. 

Available to purchase in store or for nationwide shipping.

Bouquets are tiny, measuring at 3 inches.

Care and handling: Dried flowers are practically ever lasting, but are sensitive to certain environments and care. Here is how we recommend caring for them:

  • No water, please! Water will damage them. Keep away from any moisture.
  • They can be sensitive to sunlight + air conditioning vents.
  • They should not be placed in high-traffic areas where they are likely to get hit or moved around as they are brittle + can break apart easily.
  • Keep out of reach of kitties - they love to use them as toys + should not be ingested. 

Head over to Eve Floral Co. at www.evefloralco.com for more of their work!