Mystery 'Oops!' Candle Box - Small

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We're taking our 'oops!' candle sale online! What can you expect? Our 'oops!' candles are mistake candles that don't meet our strict standards (the label is smudged / off centered, the wax was poured too high / too low, the wax has discolored / yellowed, etc.). 

In efforts to reduce our waste, we are selling discounted candles that aren't up to our rigorous standards visually (but will still smell & burn great)! That way, we don't have to toss them and you save a lot of money

Our SMALL 'oops!' mystery candle box includes:

  • 3 of our 11 oz. glass candles 
  • 5 of our 3 oz. tin candles 

8 candles for $49 - with a total value of $156