Turkish Waffle-weave Body Towel (in Black)

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The waffle-weave towel is the perfect hair towel because of its size and texture. The softest, most absorbent towel you can find.

It is narrower than our other Turkish towels but (in terms of absorbency) what it lacks in surface it makes up for in its waffley texture and softness.

It's the only solid color towel we make. It is hand-loomed by local artisans in Turkey using the best Turkish cotton, following the authentic traditional technique.

Materials and benefits

It is not completely flat-woven, rather it has a "waffley" weave giving it more surface for maximum absorbency and is 100% cotton.  Turkish towels are:

  • surprisingly absorbent

  • extremely lightweight and easy to carry

  • quick-drying even in the most humid environments and always smell fresh

  • perfect for everyday use: At home or at the beach, the pool or your yoga class

  • super versatile: Use them like a shawl, a scarf, a throw or a blanket


It measures 72x32 inches excluding the fringe.


This is how to care for your Turkish towel and here's everything you would ever like to know about the Turkish towel material.

Photos by Anatolico