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Lindsay Lewis - Totem Necklace

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Drawing inspiration from her home in Chicago and travels on the west coast, Lindsay Lewis's minimal yet interesting work celebrates independence from expectations.

Architectural elements meet fine art and earth tones compliment metal. Bold geometric lines flow and move to create timeless designs that outlive every trend. To her, each creation is a work of art and soul only made more beautiful by the brilliant women who wear them. She hopes they serve as a reminder of, and connection to, the extraordinary lives women forge every day. 

An emblem of energy, the totem necklace features a modern, minimal design with long snake chain, hand fabricated circular pendant with crazy lace agate stone. Stone color may vary from gray, cream, yellow and orange making each totem unique.

32" brass snake chain

Hand fabricated brass pendant

14mm crazy lace agate stone

All stones are one-of-a-kind. Due to the natural processes that created them, each stone will have unique patterns and slight variations of color.