Indaba - Wood & Enamel Bowl, Small

Indaba - Wood & Enamel Bowl, Small

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Handcrafted from mango wood, each of these bowls has an artisanal look and feel. The enameled inside of the bowl adds a stylish finish and makes them ideal for serving anything from bar snacks and candies to condiments and dips. They also make great jewelry and trinket dishes.

Made in India

Food Safe

Care: Wipe clean with a soft damp cloth

Size: 2" tall - 4" diameter

Crafted with natural and long lasting materials to create functional, ecological and simply beautiful products. Indaba is sourced from global cultures, made ethically and by hand by local and global artists. The result is products that are a skillful combination of practicality and innovative design, with culture and character ingrained in each product.