Hand-Loomed Turkish Kitchen/Hand Towel (in Gray)

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Simple gray and white stripes bring the tradition of a Turkish bathhouse slow and relaxed into your home. As is tradition, slow down, don’t rush, and enjoy!

The Gray Turkish towel is hand-loomed by local artisans in Turkey using the best Turkish cotton, following the authentic traditional technique.

Materials and benefits - It is flat-woven and 100% cotton. Turkish towels are:

  • surprisingly absorbent

  • extremely lightweight & easy to carry

  • quick-drying even in the most humid environments & always smell fresh

  • perfect for everyday use: at home or at the beach, the pool or your yoga class

  • super versatile: use them like a shawl, a scarf, a throw or a blanket

Size - 37"x18" 

Care - This is how to care for your Turkish towel and here's everything you would ever like to know about the Turkish towel material.

About Anatolico
Husband and wife duo, Derya & Fotis, grew surrounded by traditional Mediterranean ethnic art but now reside in Brooklyn, NY. They created Anatolico in 2016 to connect conscious customers with unique handcrafted Anatolian art. They are proud to bring thousands-year-old authenticity from the hands of masters to yours. Their products are woven in Derya's hometown in Turkey by local artisans using only 100% Turkish cotton or a cotton-linen blend by small, family-run textile makers in Turkey.