Eco Lighter Slim (in Black)

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The ecoligther slim is the perfect pairing for your favorite candles. The arclight eliminates the use of butane gas which is harmful to the environment. Never throw away another lighter just recharge and reuse. Up to 300 lights per charge, flameless, windproof, waterproof, eco-friendly.

About Modwix
Modwix began with the need for a lighter that lasts forever and looks great too! Meet your candles new Best Friend! I grew tired of throwing away lighters and thought there had to be a better and more eco-friendly solution.

EcoLighter lasts and last, just recharge and reuse. EcoLighter is sustainable and butane free its flameless arc light eliminates the use for butane gas which is harmful to the environment. Sustainability was not all that I was looking for, I also wanted a lighter that complemented my gorgeous candles. The bright colored traditional lighters clashed with my home and decor. EcoLighter is functional and stylish, you no longer need to hide your candle lighter in your drawer. Our lighters are so chic you can be proud to leave them on displa