Artfully Disheveled - The Le Mans

Artfully Disheveled - The Le Mans

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Every Artfully Disheveled collection is built around a story and every piece fits within that story. 

Impeccably crafted ties, bow ties and pocket squares made with silk.

Le Mans, France is home to the grandfather and pinnacle of endurance racing. With the first flag waved in 1923, the Le Mans is 24 hours of persistence and efficiency. A contest watched by the world over, Le Mans became a piece of cult filmography history in 1971 by its namesake movie starring Steve McQueen. As an accurate depiction of a famed racing era, the Le Mans bow tie harkens back to race stripes and waving flags. Tie this bow on as a sign of endurance and efficiency as you attack your day and win the night.

100% custom woven silk, pointed end, adjustable clasp.