We are open for shopping and online order pick up on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 12pm - 4pm. Candle making classes are on Saturdays at 2PM. Please wear a mask while shopping and attending classes. Thank you for your continued support.

Meet the Chandlers

Meet Our Chandlers - Alli


Alli graduated from UC and has been with Manitou since it opened in early-2017. She was Manitou’s very first employee! Her infectious smile and kind personality show through in every class she teaches. In addition to teaching classes, she manages our custom candle orders. In her spare time Alli loves travelling, spending time with her family at the lake and is a major foodie! Her favorite scent by far is #100 White Tea. 


Allison is from the eastside of Cincinnati. She graduated from UC and is currently getting her bachelors degree in Nursing. Allison has been working at Manitou since mid-2017. She is primarily in charge of custom candle orders and inventory. When she isn’t next door working on all things candles, you can catch her teaching classes or hanging out in the front suggesting WAY too many of her favorite scents! Allison enjoys some good retail & food therapy and spending loads of time with family & friends. If she has to narrow it down to two scents… her favorites would have to be #058 Lavender and #029 Coconut Lime Verbena.

Meet Our Chandlers - Allison
Meet Our Chandlers - Evelyn


Evelyn grew up in Michigan, she has been on the Manitou team since late-2017. Evelyn helps with just about everything. Recently she has helped expand the retail store by assisting in purchasing and all things visual merchandising. She is also an artful influence on Manitou's social media presence. When she isn't at Manitou, Evelyn is running her own floral business. She stays busy cooking, baking and spending time in Eden Park with her dog Bruce. Her favorite scents are #063 Lilac Rose and #039 Egyptian Amber Jasmine.


Laura grew up in Anderson and studied Communications at UC. She has been with Manitou since 2018. Her favorite thing to do at the shop is to make large batches of candles for custom orders. In her free time, Laura travels as much as she can and loves spending time with her dog. For her choosing just one favorite scent is hard to pick but #100 White Tea is usually her go-to!

Meet Our Chandlers - Laura 

Meet Our Chandlers


Martha is a Cincinnati native and has been working at Manitou since 2018. Her favorite part about Manitou is teaching candle making workshops. She loves teaching because she gets to meet friendly new faces in every class! In her spare time, Martha enjoys swimming, spending time with her family & friends and dog nannying. Her favorite scents are #064 Love and #044 Fraser Fir.


Shelby is a University of Kentucky Wildcat, who spent most of her life just north of the Mason-Dixon line in Cincinnati. Her experience in residential real estate and luxury retail has taught her the importance of genuine connection and assistance. Whether that be helping customers choose the perfect gift or the best scent combination during their private classes, Shelby is always sure to create the most authentic experience for the customer. You can often find Shelby at Cincinnati's newest restaurants and bars, supporting her friends in their own entrepreneurial endeavours! She is the proud mama of two dogs, Milo + Emra, and two cats, Rex + Stella. With all of those roommates, it's no surprise that her favorite scents are often strong and bold (she is partial to #019 Caribbean Teakwood Tobacco and #003 Antique Patchouli Sandalwood).

Shelby Neumann