Turkish Kitchen/Hand Towel (in Candy)

Turkish Kitchen/Hand Towel (in Candy)

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The SUGAR Turkish towel is hand-loomed by local artisans in Turkey using the best Turkish cotton, following the authentic traditional technique. The stripes are not symmetric as they run down one side of this hand/kitchen towel.
Materials and benefits
 It is flat-woven and an 85% cotton - 15% linen blend. Turkish towels are:
  • surprisingly absorbent
  • extremely lightweight and easy to carry
  • quick-drying even in the most humid environments and always smell fresh
  • perfect for everyday use

Size - Kitchen or hand towels measure 37"x18" and do not have a fringe.

Matching - If you are looking to mix and match towels, the SUGAR goes great with the CANDY which is its busier version. The colors in the striped band are the same as all our other Towels, so they can match any, 

Care - This is how to care for your Turkish towel and here's everything you would ever like to know about the Turkish towel material.

Photos by Anatolico